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What to do about the flood of illegal immigrant kids in our schools

My town of Framingham, and I'm noticing the surrounding towns are having a big influx of illegal alien kids into our schools. I know by law these kids have to be schooled even though it bothers me that WE, Americans have to pay for their schooling when the countries of origins should be paying.
What is the opinion on how to deal with this? Should there be a cut off period when kids are admitted or do we admit these kids hap haphazardly at any time of the whim of the illegal immigrant parents who obviously have a little scam going on here knowing they can take advantage of Americans helping them.
This isn't no small matter new schools have had to be built to take on the extra kids coming in and it is not thousands we are dealing with but MILLIONS. PERSONALLY I don't think these illegals should be able to enlist their kids anytime they want into the schools. Some cut off period should be established for their admittance for the schools to plan educating these kids, and last;y as I said, the towns, cities should be billing the countries of origin for ALL services these kids and their parents use while in this country, PERIOD.
Posted in EDUCATION/HOMESCHOOL on January 07 at 11:56 PM

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