Welcome to Network America! One of the big questions is: Where do I find info on how to run for precinct? Each area of the country has its own procedures and deadlines, so it’s imperative that we find this information and upload it to our State and County groups. There is a link in the National Group to find your SOS and Election Offices and also the major party links; these are some of the best resources to use in your research. You can also Google; precinct maps in your county, by-laws, etc..

Some groups already have information uploaded, so check out the Topics, Documents, and Events located on the left-hand side of each group.

We need members to participate and help others; we are all volunteers here. When you find information on how to run for precinct in your area, please take the time to upload it to your state and county groups so others can utilize this valuable information and run!

Ideally we would also like a bullet point summary or list of what is needed to run in your precinct along with the dates and deadlines and meetings. You can add this information as a Topic or a Document!

If you have any questions, let us know. Thank you for being here!
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