State & County Leaders

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You can apply to Become a State or County Leader by emailing to
Leaders are Precinct People who are willing to help by talking and emailing with other members when they need assistance. Ideally, leaders should help people in the Social Communication System HERE

The goal of Network America is to help NETWORK the thousands of leaders and groups that already exist.  Leaders listed below are cooperating to launch the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy as quickly as possible nationwide. See if there is a leader listed in your state or county by scrolling down to the list below.

When you go into your state or county groups in Network America’s Social Communication System (this system works similar to Facebook) look for existing leaders in your state and county by clicking on your group’s “members” list.

The below leaders are not PRIMARILY “Network America” people — they are simply leaders cooperating with other leaders to spread the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (NPC) Strategy as quickly as possible. This will result in a network of pro-Constitution patriots nationwide, state by state, and county by county.


Arizona – Dan Schultz



Arizona & Maricopa County: Kathrine Jorgenson


Alaska – Christine Hutchinson

— Kenai – Christine Hutchinson


Phone: 907-252-7442

Arkansas – Barbra Landry aka Arkie Barb

— Washington CountyBarbra Landry


FloridaDavid Fuller, Broker/MBA



— Orange CountyDavid Fuller

Georgia – Dan Wiley

—- Douglas County – Dan Wiley

KansasRuben LeBlanc


—- Johnson CountyTriston Barker

— Smith CountyRuben LeBlanc

Mississippi – Gene Hills

— Sunflower CountyGene Hills


MissouriJohn Putnam

— Jasper CountyJohn Putnam 


John is our MO state leader and is also willing to help anybody in the National Group that does not yet have a leader in their state.

Ohio – Jim Condit Jr.


— Hamilton County – Jason Miller


PennsylvaniaLois Kaneshiki and Donna Ellingsen are both State Leaders

—- Blair CountyLois Kaneshiki

Phone: *814-207-0011*



—- Chester CountyDonna Ellingsen


Landline: *610-932-2242*

Texas – Lesha Roberts – Email:

Jason Mangum – email:

You can also go to your Network America state group and/or county group to contact your state and/or county leaders. Start in the National Group and then use the drop down menus in each group to find and join your other groups.

Job description: As a state or county Leader, you help newcomers find their way around the Social Communication System, as well as help them find the resources they need to run for precinct effectively.

 What do State and County Leaders do?

  • Initially, State and County Leaders are tasked with finding the information relevant for their state, and adding that information, if not already there, to their group in the Social Communications System so everyone can learn the procedures to run effectively for Neighborhood Precinct Committee (NPC) in their own state.
  • State and County Leaders are individuals who are able to be contacted in Network America’s Social Communications System, or are available via email or phone for anyone who needs assistance.
  • State and County Leaders help people in Network America get involved in the neighborhood precinct system with the goal of physically meeting – face to face. The objective is to improve, re-organize, and/or take over their own local county Party Leadership to restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • The goal of Network America is to help everyday Americans “become the government” in each county and state and then nationally. With very few exceptions, current party leaders and office holders are not doing their duty.
  • Also, Network America aims to help alert Americans engage in any constructive activities which will make their families, neighborhoods, counties, states, and ultimately our nation stronger — in harmony with Liberty principles.

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