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State and Local Leaders Weekly Meeting


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  • October 24 2021 5:00 PM - December 26 2021 5:00 PM ((GMT-05:00) Eastern Time)
  • Zoom
  • THE NATIONAL GROUP - Read "Description" below FIRST
  • Richard Michael will be taking over the weekly Sunday call. I will introduce him at the beginning of the next call and he will take it from there.
    The call format will change. The call will be a meeting for state and local leaders only. It will have a permanent agenda (see the call page) which may evolve as we go forward. Anyone may observe the meeting, but only those who self-identify as state or local leaders will be able to have the floor.
    While the meeting will be recorded, it will not be live-streamed on any other service, nor will the recording be available to anyone other than state and local leaders. Whether it continues as a Zoom meeting or switches to a teleconference format will be up to the state and local leaders who participate.
    Richard will explain the purpose of the new meeting format at the beginning of the next meeting and then proceed right into the agenda.
    The agenda will be:
    1. Calling meeting to order.
    2. Roll call.
    3. Reports from state leaders (state alphabetical order).
    4. Reports from local leaders (state and local jurisdiction alphabetical order).
    5. Motions to discuss a relevant topic.
    6. Discussion of topics on adopted motions.
    7. Adjournment.
    A state or local leader who wishes to place a discussion topic on the agenda should send the topic to Richard at no later than the Friday before the meeting. Each state or local leader may suggest up to two topics for a meeting. We will not likely consider discussion topics that are already well covered in written materials. In other words, discussion will not be used as a substitute for doing your homework.
    Each state or local leader will have an opportunity to report. The state or local leader should report on tasks or activities that have been accomplished or on which progress has been made since the last report. Following that portion of the report, the state or local leader should report on tasks or activities that are planned for the next one to four week period, with targeted accomplishment dates. A complete report should be as short as possible to convey the information. It should take no more than five minutes.
    We are all volunteers. The reporting is voluntary. The tasks and activities are voluntary. The purpose of the reports is to share accomplishments, progress, and planned tasks and activities. Discussion will be limited to topics that the meeting members wish to discuss.
    At the next meeting, Richard will tell "The Parable of the Idea Guy." Ideas are a dime a dozen. Implementation is rarer than a unicorn.
    There are plenty of potential tasks and activities. Here is a suggested outline for a state plan.

    It will be up to the state and local leaders to adopt a plan of their own creation. If you ever expect to replace yourself as a state
    or local leader, creating a WRITTEN state plan is the only way you will ever have a succession plan.
    For the next meeting, the state leader, or the local leader if no state leader has volunteered, should report on the date (or estimated date) on which the next state or local public election filing deadline (voter election states) or organizational meeting (caucus states) will occur.
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