The calvary is approaching! Can you hear the bugles???

Blessings to all my Relatives,
Firstly, thank you to everyone fighting the good fight! Your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. They will be duly noted and badly needed when all the states are made aware of the information relayed within the following recording.
As anyone that has taken the time to use all the senses Creator Great Spirit blessed us all with and BIG BUSINESS has done its very best to deny anyone caught in the trappings of the public school system by others that have lost those gifts from Above and hardly had a chance to develop them fully.
The #1 problem We The People have never come to grips with is that They, and only They, are the answer to the current dilemma destroying most of the life across Creator's creation. We/They are the only ones that have the lawful ability to order the stand down of the military might that has kept the corruption in place all these years.
The recorded conversation will lay out the details of the treasure recently discovered and recorded in one of the few known states that can move us into a position to remove the ruling families from our lawful government. Time is of the essence and many eyes and minds are required to dig into the several state's contracts(Constitutions) to discover which others also kept the narrow gate open for the People to return to the Light of Truth and clear the path for the arrest, trials and incarceration of the offenders. As I have always maintain, repentence and fair treatment of the offenders is paramount as e move to finally regain the comm of our mutual Ships of State!
Much love and peace to you all. The Dawn of Freedom is just around the corner. Now to the task at hand,
Johnny B(Two-Names) Mikel
Posted in on August 04 at 10:18 PM

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