The experience of not being experienced......

 Back in 2008 Dr. Paul, the senior, catapulted me into another sector of our society that completely sickens me, politics, the others being law and banking. All are so thoroughly vile that few can escape with their virtues intact. So, keep yours eyes open, stay before the Throne for direction and protection, and ALWAYS keep the lines of communication open to the others aligned in your endeavors to bring the Virtous Light back into a badly lit corner of our lives.
 I would highly recommend, once you get a position, that you form a study group to ensure you have enough pairs of intelligent eyes to watch the criminals at work. I would investigate videotaping the meeting, as it is portrayed as a public meeting.
 Now, on to the testimony of that one day of victory.....
 When our caucus opened we had one voter that had to return home to get his registration card in order to stay in the business meeting being held that day. We had to raise issue to allow him in at his return as they were about to lock the doors and start the meeting.
 As we proceeded we learned that neither the chairman nor parliamentarian, rule-keeper, had their cards to display. We raised issue, but failed to disqualify them, due to lack of support in the audience. This quickly changed to our favor as we demonstrated how We The People gained position as the meeting transpired.
 We had focused so strongly on bringing in our resolutions that we failed to stay on task to ensure a proper procedure was followed in the business meeting. NEVER FORGET, this is just another business meeting, albeit one that directs our Ship of State's direction for the current cycle structure for the future. At the end of that cycle it all starts again with the next season of elections.
 There were about 35 people in attendence, plus the board and umpire at the front. As Ryan, his wife Tanya and I brought our resolutions forward, more and more of the audience were aligning with us. Once we got through our initiatives to bring Dr. Paul's platform forward and lady leaned across the aisle and asked me what we were doing. I asked her the same question, to which she replied a friend had told her to meet her at the courthouse for a fifteen to twenty minute meeting and they would go to lunch.
 She then informed us that she was supposed to raise her hand when her friend did and wanted to know if it was alright if she voted with us instead. I told her to vote her conscious, just as if she was alone in her voting booth. She became a very ardent supporter of Dr. Paul and nominated us to be delegates at the state convention. To which most of the rest of the people present agreed and I was witness to the fraud commited against the Ron Paul re-love-ution of 08 from the county level through to the state.
 Everything was sealed behind doors, nowhere around the buildings in which the business meetings were held.
 There are quite a few initiatives afoot to correct the fraud and corruption that has lead us to the place in which we find ourselves. Stay on point folks! Find your post and do your very best to stay attentive to whatever Creator needs of you and we can stop this trainwreck from becoming the strife and bloodshed which is so desperately desired by the criminal families that are in jeopardy of lossing their positions of supposed power. Take the time to listen to the call recording within the blog titled, "The calvary is approaching! Can you hear the bugles?" and realize that is only one of a multitude of informed initiatives coming at the criminals in our midst!!!
Peace, blessings and thanks for the attention folks, Johnny B
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