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  • Constitutional John
    Amazed and disappointed, this organization has been around for 2+ years and only has 104 members? Something is drastically wrong. I started a Farcebook group January 2020 and have almost 4,400 members. I've already put a link to NA on that group page. In today's world were MANY conservatives detest FB, for this group to be what seems to be dead in the water, something is seriously wrong. Everyone here should share this site every day on their other social media pages/walls and on other group pag...  more
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  • Jim Condit Jr.
    Welcome to everyone who has joined Network America after our recent Leadership Conference Call.

    Network America provides everyone the opportunity to sign up in their state and county group. While anyone can talk to anyone in Network America, people can also talk to those within their own county and within their own state.

    Ideally county leaders emerge in each county for each party, and, as one leg of the strategy, work to replace the current leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties a...  more
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  • Jim Condit Jr.
    To Everyone - Thanks for joining Network America. We are about to start conference calls to appoint state and county leaders and try and take back the country peacefully and constitutionally via the Precinct System. Check the Conference Call button periodically, and I'll email everyone when we're ready to go as well.

    There will be strategic developments, including our new group "Team Traficant" - a group within the Network America system. Here's the link to joining the national Team Traficant...  more
    James Traficant has passed away after an accident on his family farm. He was one of the last honest and freedom loving Americans to serve in Congress. James was one of the few to speak out about Israel's stranglehold on American politics. The world lost a great man today..
  • mphipps
    Ted Stevenot or Anne Becker know about this national project?
  • TexasGovernor
    Jim, does that eBook have FEC campaign report filing dates? I just found out today that I fall under their filing dates vice the Texas Ethics Commission's semi-annual date coming up this Friday, January 15. If the eBook doesn't have that, do you know when the next FEC filing date is? Thanks.
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  • Jim Condit Jr.
    Hello everybody and welcome!

    If you want to know how to navigate your precinct groups quickly, see the link below!


    Thank You!
  • Jim Condit Jr.
  • Jim Condit Jr.
    Ruben LeBlanc, our Kansas State Coordinator for Network America, is our guest tonight.