What’s The Precinct Strategy?

Article explaining the Precinct Strategy:

Article Explaining how our election system was stolen, and how we can fix it:

And watch interview below on this page: Steve Bannon interviews Dan Schultz on the Precinct Strategy. Also at PrecinctStrategy.com

Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (PC) Strategy

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“The office of precinct committeeman (“PC”) has been called “the most powerful office in the land” because the PC is the closest structured political officeholder to the registered voter. A registered voter has no vote in internal Party policy; a precinct committeeman does. A PC elects district, county and state party officers, delegates to the Presidential convention, etc. PCs sent to the Pres. Convention vote on what policies the party platform will be advocated in the next two years.” – PrecinctStrategy.com

Democratic and Republican Party leaders control every county in the USA and are working against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Liberty fighters! Get involved as Precinct Leaders in your county, in the party of your choice, or as independents. A precinct is simply one of several districts into which a county is divided for voting. A precinct is usually 10 or 12 streets around your house. Everyone in your precinct votes at the same location on election day.

The precinct leaders elect the county party leaders who endorse the candidates. Change the party leaders, change the lawmakers, restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and save the nation. This is how we take back our Nation for Liberty, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.

Our Guiding Principles

Network America believes that the Constitution and Bill of Rights, along with the 7 Guiding Principles developed by Guardians for Liberty, provide a sound basis to ensure the widest possible participation in the Precinct Project.

Steve Bannon’s War Room with Attorney Daniel Schultz
“Precinct Committeeman Tutorial”


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Our Precinct Project System is free to use, works like Facebook and contains nearly 20,000 groups; from the National, State, and County levels, all the way down to the existing major political parties at the county level. You can also join other clubs and groups and/or make your own!

We’ve started off with a few groups outside of the Precinct Strategy to help get us started, such as the Constitution and Second Amendment Clubs, a Prepper Club that includes a great In-Depth Preparedness course (free of charge), along with a HAM Radio Club, but again, feel free to make your own groups join only what you want to.

Unlike many other “Liberty” groups, this grassroots network facilitates open communication among ALL members, so we can get organized and take meaningful action. No Gatekeepers. The members ARE the network itself!