Our PRECINCT TAKEOVER STRATEGY is the missing ingredient for all other action and educational plans. Without it, nothing will change.  A short 3-paragraph explanation of “Donate for What” is near the bottom of this page. — Just merely passing bad news around on the internet to each other, and even to newly awakened people, is a start, not a plan.

Without the ingredients in our Precinct Takeover Strategy – nothing will change!

Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

It is very important that we find 3,000 to 4,000 American citizens who see the value of making a monthly recurring donation of $10 or more per month from now till December 2016. That’s so we can REALLY fight the New World Order – and WIN! We have to have some minimal $$ to fight the billions of dollars being wielded against the world’s population by the forces of Tyranny. ($5 donations and one time donations of any size are, of course, also welcomed and much appreciated.)

If enough Americans can’t see the essential difference between the Network America strategy and all the other strategies, then Americans will spin our wheels in futility until our children our under tyranny. Both US citizens and non-citizens can donate to the Network America PAC educational and organizational program.

Coming soon: Visa and MasterCard online donation system. For now – you can use PayPal as explained below, or use regular mail:

You can send your support by REGULAR MAIL to:
Network America
P.O. Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Contact information:

Phone: 513-741-2095


For one time donations right now:

– click on the PayPal Button below

– enter as the email
– specify amount you want to donate
– hit Send Money, sign into your account, and follow any further instructions.

PayPal Donate

ANOTHER OPTION – A “Tax Exempt” OPTION: if you are not a US Citizen, or even if you are, you can make a tax exempt donation (by US rules) to our educational foundation:

Golden Rule Foundation (tax exempt, education, but since the donations are tax exempt, we cannot comment on candidates for public office or pending legislation; still an excellent vehicle to facilitate our educational efforts and provide a tax exemption for donors, especially large donors)

A tax exempt 501(c)3 foundation, can educate on general subjects like how Americans can use the Precinct system to make their influence felt on public affairs, and how to return the USA to honest, verifiable elections as opposed to the easily rigged, secretly counted, computerized processing of elections that we have had since the 1970s until today. Contributions to this foundation can NOT be used in any political or lobbying activity. It cannot be used for or against a political candidate, or for or against a specific piece of legislation. But very much can still be done with donations to this Foundation.

Golden Rule Foundation
PO Box 11339
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211