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With letters to our public officials and party leaders, and visits, and rallies, — we are begging our public officials to do something for us and the constitution. They wait till we leave, and laugh at us if they are hostile to our views.

With the Precinct Strategy, we can BECOME the Party leaders, BECOME the Congressmen, become the school board members. THEY understand the system, and know that when we work the precinct system, – we are coming for their jobs!

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The Most Powerful Office in the Land: Precinct Committeeman

Tens of Millions Want to Do Something, but Do Not Know What to Do. Here is the answer – the missing ingredient to make all your efforts more successful:

The Precinct Strategy: The Only Way to Peacefully and Constitutionally
Take Back the Leadership of the Republican Party and then the US Congress

  1. Where do the county leaders of the Republican Party come from?

The county leaders for the Republican Party are chosen by grassroots PRECINCT COMMITTEMEN (also called Precinct Captains). The Precinct System has been around for over 200 years. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, referred to the Precinct system in the 1860 Presidential Election.

  1. What is a (voting) Precinct? (as opposed to a Police Precinct)

A voting precinct is typically 10 to 15 streets around your house. It has very definite boundaries just like your county or your state. We all live in a state, a county, AND A PRECINCT. Here is a picture of a precinct in Bloomfield, Michigan:

All the registered voters in your neighborhood precinct vote in person at the same place. For instance, Green Township Precinct Y votes at the Green Township Senior Center

  1. What is a Precinct Committeeman?

A Precinct Committeeman is someone who has been elected the Precinct Captain in his or her own neighborhood precinct for the Party he or she belongs to. Both the Republicans and Democrats can elect Precinct Captains in each Precinct, typically every two years at the Primary Election in the spring or fall of that year.

  1. Why have 99% of citizens never been told about the power they have in the Precinct System?

If you have never heard of the Precinct System, do not feel bad. There has been a concerted effort over the last 100 years to keep this knowledge from the people by the Big News Media, the Democratic leadership, the Republican Leadership (under RINO leadership, i.e. Republicans in name only), AND by our own Conservative or Constitutional-minded leaders, – for reasons too lengthy to explain here.


  1. Why is the position of Precinct Committeeman important?

The ELECTED precinct committeemen have the right to vote in the state-mandated county organizational meeting (one mandated for Republicans, another for Democrats) which takes place about one month after the primary election. We are losing the country because we are not at the County Republican Party Organizational meeting. It is at this meeting that the ELECTED Precinct Committeeman have the right to vote on who will lead the COUNTY Party for the next term (usually two years).

  1. Why is it important (critical) to Elect the COUNTY Republican Leaders on the county organizational meeting for the Republican Party?

Because the COUNTY Republican Party leaders endorse the candidates for Congress. (The endorsed candidates have won the party primary 95% of the time over the last 100 years.) The County Republican leaders elect the State Republican Leaders who endorse Senatorial candidates, and make the rules at the state level, including the rules for the state Presidential primaries and caucuses. (Then the Republican State leaders elect the Republican NATIONAL leaders who make the rules at the national level INCLUDING the rule for the Republican Presidential Conventions every for years.) AND, the Republican Party COUNTY leaders (along with the Democratic Party COUNTY leaders) determine how the vote is counted in your county. Right now we have SECRET vote counts in every one of the 88 Ohio counties. This must be changed back to the way we counted votes from 1776 until about 1973: paper ballots HAND COUNTED at the neighborhood precinct by voters from that neighborhood precinct BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. So, in short hand, it’s PAPER BALLOTS counted by hand BEFORE the ballots leave the public sight. (Computers must be banned, and all the hand-counting of ballots must be videotaped in real time, streamed over the internet in real time, and preserved forever.) For ALL the above reasons, we must elect CONSTITUTION-MINDED Republican Party COUNTY leaders in each county.

  1. With the above concepts understood – here’s what you do if you are in Ohio in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County, and Warren County.
  2. Go on your county Board of Elections website, or visit your local Board of Elections, and find out what precinct you live in. For instance, when one of our activists in Hamilton County put in their address of 4575 Farview, Cincinnati, Ohio 45247 in the Hamilton County Board of Elections system – he found he lived in Green Township Y, in Hamilton County, Ohio.
  3. Get your petition to run for Precinct Committeeman in the Republican Party in the Ohio May 3, 2022 Primary. You can print out this petition (to run for Precinct Committeeman) from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website. Preferably get this petition from the person who gave you this paper.
  4. Download a copy of your Precinct’s walking list, which will show you who is registered to vote in your precinct, who is not registered to vote, and which of the registered votes are Republicans, which are Democrats, and which are independents (which are now being called NP, or No Party). You can download this walking list from your county Board of Elections if offered there, or pick a physical copy up at your county Board of elections.
  5. On your precinct petition, you must get 5 valid signatures of Republicans or “No Party” people. (15 signatures are the maximum you can get.) You cannot get Democrats to sign your petition, or members of another party, such as Libertarian or Constitution or Green. If you register unregistered voters (get the forms to register voters from your county Board of Elections), then you can turn in their registration card clipped with a paper clip to your petition to run for Precinct Executive, – and then you know everyone you registered who also signed your petition is a valid signature.
  6. Read how to fill out your petition to run for precinct committeeman – as the instructions are on the petition itself.
  7. Turn in your petition physically to your Board of Elections no later than 4 PM on February 3, 2021, – and you will be on the primary election ballot on May 3, 2021. You will be on the same Republican primary ballot as those trying to become the Republican nominee for Congress, Senate, etc. You will be the last candidate listed on the ballot in the “Committeeman” race. If you are unopposed, you can vote for yourself and win. If you are opposed you can campaign at the Polls on election day, and whoever gets the most votes wins.
  8. If you win in the May 3, 2021 primary you have the right to vote in the Republican Party COUNTY organizational meeting which will be held around June 3rd, 2022. You will be notified by mail in advance when and where this meeting will be held.
  9. Go to the Republican Party COUNTY organizational meeting and vote for the county Republican leader and his executive committee for the next term (either 2 or 4 years). If we have a constitutional-minded candidate to run, then vote for him or her and through the RINO leaders out. They deserve to lose if only because they have enforced an illegal election system in which all ballots are snatched from the voters right after they vote, and then our votes are “counted” on the secret program of a private company (either Dominion, Hart, or ES &S) which your Board of Elections has agreed in writing not to look at. Thus in every county in Ohio we have had illegal elections since at least as far back as 1988, and we have no way of knowing who won any of the close races at the local, state, or national level. If we have a constitution-minded candidate and executive board running for your Republican Party COUNTY leadership position, vote for that candidate and oust the RINOS.

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For More detailed information and questions and answers: Go to —

Here are the websites for the Board of Elections in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren counties: – Hamilton County – Warren County – Butler County  – Clermont County

There is much information at – including weekly live phone calls, and archived phone calls that can be listened to anytime.

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