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PRECINCT STRATEGY Zoom Conference Call and Help Page

Find On This Page How to Join Zoom/Conference calls via your Computer OR any phone for Help Running for Precinct, and check here for when calls will be held, just below.

There are FOUR sections on this page for easy navigating:  The sections are:

1. Scheduled Zoom/Conference Calls
2. How to Join the Calls
3. Links to written answers to the main questions

Section 1:

There will be regular Zoom/Conference Calls to help organize a volunteer Leader/Activist network of Precinct Committeeman so we can ACT successfully when an opportunity presents itself. The next major opportunity will be the primary election day in Ohio, May 3, 2022.

Next scheduled Calls — and alert all concerned People to attend and send other pro-constitution, pro-Liberty patriots to join the call at least once:

Next Scheduled Calls: 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022, CALL — 8 PM EST — see section 2 just below for how to join call by zoom or phone

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 Call – 8 PM EST — see section 2 just below for how to join call by zoom or phone

Thursday, February 10, 2022 Call – 8 PM EST — see section 2 just below for how to join call by zoom or phone


Section 2:

You can participate in one of two ways – by Zoom via computer OR smart phone, or by using any phone.

2a. Join the Zoom Meeting by Computer or your smart phone

(Microphone is needed, camera is preferred but not necessary)

Click the link below to enter the meeting and follow the prompts to join, but first write down these meeting codes in case you are prompted to give them: The Meeting ID: 876 1719 7297 —- and also — The Passcode: 1776

You may be asked for both of them once you click the Zoom link immediately below:

2b. You can join the Call using any phone only using any phone, cell or landline – (dial a phone number in a city near you from the phone number options listed below)

Choose one of these numbers to join in by any phone: IMPORTANT: Once the Call connects, you may be asked for up to all three of the following: Meeting ID: 876 1719 7297; Participant ID: 1776; Passcode: 1776

+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

We leave the below instructions up even though the deadline for 2022 has passed.

Section 3:

The Necessary Questions on Exactly how to run For Precinct Committeeman in your Neighbor. Deadline this year to turn in your precinct petition is: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 4 PM.

(The below information is for Hamilton County; Butler County now allows residents to run for Precinct by merely signing a paper; We are still trying to determine if Warren and Clermont counties have all the information you need on their websites, or if you have to physically go to the Warren and Clermont county Board of Elections to get your petition for Precinct Committeeman, your blank form for new or updated voter registrations, and your neighborhood precinct walking lists (containing all the voters, and whether they are  registered Republican, Democratic, or Independent (also called No Party.)

First Question: — how to find what precinct you live in, what Congressional District you live in, etc. (everything you need to know about yourself as a voter)

1. Go to the Hamilton County Board of Elections Home Page:

2. Click on “Register” at the top left of page, and drop down menu appears;

3. Click on “Check Registration”

4. Scroll down a few inches on the page and fill in every box (Name, address, etc)

5. Hit Submit — and —

6. You will get what precinct you live, and everything else about you as a voter; if nothing comes up,  you are not registered, and must register to vote.

7. At You can put in any person’s name who lives in Hamilton county, and find out all the voting information on that person; by using that page on the Hamilton County Board of elections you can check out individual voters in your precinct to be sure who you can approach to validly sign your precinct petition. Republicans can get signatures from registered Republicans and Independents (also called No Party) – but NOT Democrats. — Democrats can get signatures from registered Democrats and Independents (also called No Party) – but NOT Republicans.)  — If a person has no matches, then that person is not registered, and you can register that person on a separate registration form. Then you can get that newly registered person’s signature on your precinct petition. (Paper clip this new registration form to your precinct petition when you turn it into the Board of Elections, and it will be counted as a valid signature.) 

Second Question: — how to find and print out your Precinct Petition

This is the one part of the Hamilton County Board of Elections and Ohio Secretary of State website that is disgracefully unhelpful. There is an 8 1/2″ x 14″ two-sided precinct petition that is almost impossible to print out at your desktop computer or Staples type business. The only way to reliably get this form is to get it at the your county Board of Elections, or get it from the person recruiting you if they have a copy. Once  you have a copy, you can legally make all the two sided copies you want. If you have a question about this matter, email to or get on one of the zoom / phone calls at 8 pm EST, schedule and how to join call at


Third Question: — What do I need, and exactly what do I do, to get on the May Primary Ballot to run for Precinct Committeeman? (Note: Butler County has done away with the five signatures – you just need to sign a paper to run for Precinct in Butler County) — But in Hamilton, Warren, and Clermont counties, the following applies. Hamilton county has everything on line. If you live in Warren, Butler, or Clermont counties — please try to find out how to get your precinct’s WALKING LIST, and let us know at — you should always be able to get your precinct’s walking list by going to your Board of Elections in person, or at your county Board of Elections’ website – if it is available there. It is available in Hamilton County.

What do I do to run from Precinct Committeeman (also called County Central Committee?

  1. Get your blank 8 ½ x 14” Petition for County Central Committee (or Precinct Committeeman; there is also an 8 1/2 x 11 on the website, if you can figure out how to print both side to the two sided form – we couldn’t.
  2. Get a few blank forms to register people who are not registered to vote, or not registered at the correct address (they moved and didn’t update their information to the Board of Elections). These can be printed out at the website.
  3. You need to know what precinct you live in. Go to:  — then hit “Register” in the upper left hand corner – then hit “Check registration status” – then fill out your name, address, etc – and hit return and it will tell you what precinct you live in.

  1. Then you need your precinct walking list to look at (or print out). If you are running Republican you can get valid signatures from registered Republicans or No Party (independents), but you can NOT get signatures from registered Democrats. (Democrats can get signatures from registered Democrats or No Party, but NOT from registered Republicans.) If a person does not appear on your precinct walking list, they are not registered. You can register them to vote with a blank registration form. If you register a person, and have them sign your petition, and you paper clip his or her registration form to your petition when you hand it into the Board of Elections, and that signature will certainly be valid


Here’s how you find your walking list:

  1. If you are in Hamilton County, go to the home page of the Board of Elections, which is here: (check in Clermont, Warren, and Butler to see if you can get this info online, or if you have to go physically to your Board of Elections)

Next: Go to “Campaign Tool Box” in upper right hand corner to the left of Search. Next:

Then scroll down that page an inch or two and clique on the first box called: “Registered Voter List” – Then –

Scroll down on that page to Step One, and choose “by Precinct” Then:

A box will appear, and can choose your precinct from a drop down box, — such as Green Y, or Cheviot 1-A. Then:

In Step 2 right below that, pick “all parties”, then

In Step 3, pick, “Walking List, Name order” then

— You will now get a chance to export this list to a csv or pdf — and you will get a list of the voters in your precinct BY ADDRESS as if you were walking up and down your street, or anyone else’s street in your precinct. You can look at this pdf (or csv) online, or you can print all or part of it on paper. — This list also tells you whether each voter is registered Republican, Democrat, or Non-party (Independent). You will need to know this when you get signatures, because those running for Republican Precinct Committeeman can only get Republicans or Non-Party (but not Democratic), while those running for Democratic Precinct Executive can only get Democrat or non-party (Independent) signatures, but not Republican. — If  a person does not appear on this list, they are not registered. You can register such people on a blank registration form, and if he or she then signs your Precinct petition, just paper clip it to your petition when you turn it in, and that signature will be surely valid.

If in step three above you had picked “Precinct, Walking List, Name Order”, then you will have all voters listed in your precinct in alphabetical order BY NAME. You can then export it as a PDF (or csv) and look at it online, or print all or part of it out. In our opinion, the more useful list is “Walking List, Name Order” in step 3 as explained above, which is the list by address in your precinct, as if you were walking up and down your street, and/or walking up and down the other streets in your precinct.

Any questions come on our almost nightly call at 8 PM EST – instructions to join call at or text 513-602-0627.


Fourth Question: — and how to find out if any person in your county is registered to vote, and whether that person is a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent (No Party). If the person is not registered to vote, they will not appear on the list of registered voters.

See question One above for this answer.


Fifth Question: — And — also where to go to print out a registration form to use to register non-registered voters.

You can always get blank registration forms for registering new voters, or updating information for an already registered voter (such as they moved to a new address) at your county Board of Elections. There is a probably a way to print out these blank registration forms on your computer, but we can’t find it yet. We’ll determine if there is a way to print out this form from the Board of Election websites, and report to you here.


Important Fact to know: Any voter you register to vote, can sign your precinct petition and if you paper clip the registration to your precinct petition when you hand it into your county Board of Elections – you know all those newly registered voters are VALID signatures. 

Section 4:


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Clermont County Precinct Page

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