Special Page for October 29, 2021 “Crisis in Church and State” with Gerry Matatics and Jim Condit Jr.

When? On Friday, October 29, 2021 at 7:30 PM est — a meeting about:

The Grave ongoing Crisis in Church and State
will be hosted by Gerry Matatics and Jim Condit Jr. at “The Farm”:





Gerry Matatics and Leslie, his late wife      –     * Jim Condit Jr. and his first granddaughter, now 6 yrs old
Gerry Matatics is one of the finest minds in the world and is making a rare appearance in Cincinnati; it will be a great and informative night if you are interested in the current ongoing crisis in Church and State; — Jim Condit Jr.  is local and tries to slap himself awake every morning, and show up. Gerry and Jim will lead the discussion, and how the meeting is handled will depend on how many show up; we will try to give everyone a fair turn.

* * * * *


“The Farm” in Delhi, at 239 Anderson Ferry Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45238

(The Farm is 80 years old and has for decades been a Wedding Reception Hall, and also holds a Buffet on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.)

* * * * *

Regarding eating, if you wish, from 5:30 PM till 7:45 PM before the meeting at the Farm this Friday, October 29:

— depending on what you want —

– there will be a full buffet, (see below for pricing)

– OR a la carte ordering (see below for pricing)

– OR you can come and just attend the meeting, without eating.

Cost of the various ways to eat at the Farm this Friday, IF you wish to do so:

The cost of the full buffet, includes all the soft drinks and desserts. (No tipping)

– for senior citizens 65 and older is $17.95 plus tax,
– 50 to 64 is $18.95;
– 15 to 49 is $19.96;
– 3 to 14 is $1 per each year of age;
– 2 and under are free.
— Beer, liquor, and wine is available on an individual cash basis.
* * * * *

A la carte — you pick what you want and the waitress will bring it to your table:

This Friday they will offer, among other things:
– baked cod ($7.95, eight ounce portion, as an example); fried batter cod; breaded shrimp; the Farm’s famous fried chicken (best in town in my opinion)

– All sides are $2.99 each, here are some:

special au gratin green bean recipe; real mash potatoes; stewed tomatoes, carrots; gourmet cole slaw, tossed salad, macaroni and cheese, and more;
— Beer, liquor, and wine is available on an individual cash basis.

* * * * *
Hope to see you all there!

Jim Condit Jr.
text me at 513-602-0627 if you want me to call you — I get so many sales calls I can’t tell which are calls from real people.