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The following are good links to start finding information on running for precinct in your area, if you cannot find the information you need in your groups.

➤ Secretaries of State (SOS) Offices

Find My State or Local Election Office Website

Republican National Committee | GOP

Democratic National Committee

How To Guides by State & County

When you find the information you are looking for, please post it in your state and county groups, so others can utilize these procedures and run. You can create topics, upload documents, etc. in your groups.

Need Precinct Committeeman Marketing Materials & Strategy?



If you are running for precinct and are in need of some printed marketing materials to hand out, check out John Putnam’s flyer.


John is Network America’s MO state leader. Click on the image to download this WORD file, pop in your photo, edit and print!


This WORD file is located HERE

Thanks to John at

More Helpful Documents for Download

Precinct Committeeman Flyer

Precinct Committeeman Flyer – 2019-02-12

Precinct Committeeman Flyer – Generic

Precinct Committeeman Flyer Generic – 2019-02-12

(PC) Precinct Committeeman Fact Sheet

PC Fact Sheet – 2017-02-12

Two-Sided Strategy – Take over the RNC Graphic/Highlighted

Flyer Two-sided Strategy Take Over RNC Graphic highlighted 2017-11-12

Provided courtesy of Dan Schultz at

Arizona (R) Precinct Committeeman Handbook 2019
(As a sample)


Link to Handbook HERE

NA’s link to Handbook HERE

Texas (R) Precinct Chairman’s Handbook 2018
(As a sample)



Daniel Schultz – Book and Website:

Precinct Committeeman Strategy Book

About the Author

In 2017, I published this paperback book on and sent it to President Donald Trump, hoping he’d embrace the Precinct Committeeman Strategy to help him get reelected AND transform our Party by “Trumplifying” it with Trump supporters in the precinct committeeman ranks.

How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again.

Now, perhaps if this inexpensive, very brief book becomes a best-seller among conservatives, and enough of the conservatives who read it carry out the simple actions required to become “voting members” of the Republican Party — precinct committeemen — the probability of President’s Trump’s re-election — now in 2024 — will go up significantly, as precinct committeemen are instrumental in getting to the polls the 35% or so of Trump supporters who need a gentle reminder, from a fellow Trump supporter, to go vote.  (The book is also available as an e-book.)

Buy Now by Clicking Here


Website: – See other recommended books by Dan Schultz below.

The OK Grassroots Project 1st Edition

Transforming the world by transforming your precinct


This short guide outlines a plan to restore accountability to our elected officials from a grassroots level, while strengthening our communities and encouraging citizen involvement. It builds a new model on an old pattern. Their plan is based on the “Committees of correspondence” first recommended by Samuel Adams to the Boston town meeting.

Davis and Morris present a case that townhall style meetings inside each voting precinct could renew the republic from the ground up. We are sure you will agree that the ideas are exciting, simple and actionable. This plan presents a blueprint for a structure to provide ongoing support to elected representatives, while simultaneously “growing” new candidates who can better represent the people.


You will get a PDF (5MB) file | Price: Pay what you want

CLICK>> to Get the E-Book

Websites:   The Precinct Leader –  OK Grassroots Project


Recommended books by Dan Schultz:


· Paul Revere’s Ride, by David Hackett Fischer

· The Minute Men:  The First Fight:  Myths and Realities of the American Revolution, by John R. Galvin

· Your American Yardstick:  Twelve Basic American Principles, by Hamilton Abert Long

· The Discovery of Freedom:  Man’s Struggle Against Authority, by Rose Wilder Lane
Download from this website by clicking HERE – AND also available from the source online as a pdf at the Ludwig von Mises Foundation website HERE

Vaccine Exemptions by State, Addressing Covid Misinformation, A Doctor and Minister that specializes in providing Religious Exemptions (who is also a Network America Member)…

Medical Freedom & Covid Misinformation

Friends of Precinct:



Putnam’s Patriots is a growing group of patriots committed to returning our country to her Constitutional moorings with limited government, fiscal accountability, and personal responsibility starting at the precinct level of county government. We also want to restore the Founder’s “Success Formula” to America with less regulation, debt, and taxes and greater self-sufficiency in our lives. We believe that understanding the “Laws of Nature” and the “Founder’s Success Formula” are essential to our success.


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