We are losing our Nation at county meetings – Be a State or County Leader!

WHERE ARE THE RON PAULERS? We are losing our Nation at county meetings – Be a State or County Leader!

This week’s call (Tuesday Nite, June 30, 2015) is going to RE-FOCUS the WEEKLY Network America Calls. (See conference call phone # and PIN near bottom of this short article.)

In the recent weeks, we have been getting sidetracked by discussing news and analysis of current events for most of the call. This type of discussion is welcome LATER in each call, and we may do some of that after the main business in the Q & A session, and certainly in the “after call” where all phone lines are opened up.

The Main Business of each call, after the opening 20 minute presentation — will, in the future, be to find and expand State and County leaders in Network America, to teach people how to run for precinct, and to cover nuts and bolts in order to help people participate in any other aspect of Network America they want to.

In this week’s call, the hosts, Jim Condit Jr. and Nicky Nelson, will give a presentation on the new focus of the weekly calls which will be, in effect, working sessions. New people will be invited to listen in on the working sessions, which will help people catch the excitement of how this will help us take back the nation.

Time and Phone Number
Tonight, Tuesday Night, June 30, 2015
Network America Precinct Strategy Conference Call Schedule:
Every Tuesday Nite at 10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)
Join us for the NetworkAmerica.org/network weekly Conference Calls for updates and progress on the plans, launching, and progress of Network America.
Call in to: Phone: 559-726-1300 ● Pin: 168055#

 As always, we’ll have an opening presentation for about 20 minutes.

After the presentation, your live questions and/or comments will follow, as always.


Democratic and Republican Party leaders control virtually every county in the USA and are working against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Liberty fighters! Get involved as Precinct Leaders in your county, in the party of your choice, or as independents. The precinct leaders elect the county party leaders who endorse the candidates. Change the party leaders, change the lawmakers, and restore the Constitution.

This is how we take back the nation for Liberty, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state. (Read the 7 Guiding Liberty Principles on top menu, in Rt column, or a bit below.)

There is The Plan to Take Back the Republic!

Our Precinct Takeover Social Network is organized with over 20,000 groups from the National, State, and County levels throughout the United States including all the existing political parties at the county levels, if you decide to choose to join sign up in one. or more.

You can also join other clubs and groups and/or make your own! We have started off with a few liberty groups outside of the Precinct Takeover Strategy to help get us started, such as the Constitution and Second Amendment Clubs, a Prepper Club including an In-Depth Preparedness course, along with a HAM Radio Club, but again, feel free to make your own groups and clubs.

Unlike other well-funded “Liberty” organizations, this grassroots network wants to facilitate open communication among ALL members, so we can get organized and take real, meaningful action; the members ARE in essence the network itself!

Passing around real news is a start, not a plan. Let’s constitutionally takeover the criminals in DC.


Enjoy our private social community

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On Network America there is now a new group where you can APPLY to be a State or County Leader for Network America’s Precinct Project system.

Once you have signed up or signed in (if you are already a member) then follow the link below to the State and County Leader Group to apply by adding your your information in the comments section below the pinned post. You will add your name, state, county, and email:

Job description: As a state or county leader, you help newcomers find their way around the system, as well as help them find the resources they need to run for precinct, — or — do other things they may want to do in the Network America system.

Each State and County Leader, once selected, will be directed to an orientation and can ask questions to Network America representatives and/or other leaders in the community.

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