Conf Call Tonight! Plans to take back America – A State Model of Action For Everyone Happening Now!

Network America’s Precinct Project welcomes Kansas State Leader, Ruben LeBlanc, as our special guest to discuss his exciting plan of action happening right now in his county and state: “Meetin’ in the Middle” is what he’s calling it. Smith County, Kansas, where Ruben lives and is working, is the Geographical Center of the USA!  – See his action plan below. Ruben recognizes that his plan of action is a work in progress, and welcomes comments and question tonight.



Network America’s Conference Call
Tonight, Tuesday Night, June 16, 2015
10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)
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Meetin’ in the Middle Summary
by Ruben LeBlanc, Network America’s Kansas State Leader


The plan is simple for Smith County, Kansas
1) Establish the Common Law Grand Jury;
2) Seat Precinct Committeemen;
3) Organize Minutemen (Militia).

Lebanon center of the USLebanon sits at the Geographic center of the Continental United States and is in Smith County, Kansas.

Smith County has a population of about 3600 people and 25 Townships ( with 18 having less than 100 people in each and the seven largest have 100,130,134, 206, 399, 619 and 2094 people per Township, respectively). There are 56 precincts in Smith County.

We ask the Creator’s Blessing on this event. We means “We the People”. We would like your honest feed-back to make this work better. If you see a problem, identify it and offer a solution. We do ask for you to petition the Creator for Divine Intervention, (we cannot do anything without it.)

We will be moving forward to recapture this County and this is the route we plan on taking:
1) July 4th week is the Meet-up dates. This will be the Start of the New American Independence Day and the take-back of our government;
2) We will meet with all elected and appointed officials prior to the 4th and give them an heads-up;
3) Have a private briefing with the Sheriff;
4) Follow “Robert’s Rules of Order” for discussions;
5) Provide information packets, (Constitutions Handbooks, websites & other useful materials);
6) Contact VFW & Am. Leg. for support;
7) Reach out to Motorcycle Clubs for help getting the word out;
8) Compile a Posse Comitatus paper,
9) ask Freedom Broadcasters to cover the event;
10) Ask Militia groups across the country to show up;
11) Invite any other “Freedom Group” that has similar goals, to participate; and
12) Change and revise as needed.
Nothing is written in stone, but the main focus is take back our country one County at a time. We can start at the center and work our way out. Let your descendants know that you stood for their Freedom.
Ruben LeBlanc, Kansas State Leader


Democratic and Republican Party leaders control virtually every county in the USA and are working against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We encourage Liberty fighters to get involved as Precinct Captains/Chairs in their county, in the party of their choice, or as independents. The precinct captains elect county party leaders who endorse the candidates. Change the party leaders, change the lawmakers, and restore the Constitution.
This is how we can take back the nation for Liberty, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.


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