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Black Conservatives Take Control of Republican County in North Carolina Using Precinct!

After seeing Dan Schultz of Arizona on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show explaining how the Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (NPC) Strategy works, Mr. Clyde Davis of North Carolina began explaining to his fellow conservatives and activists how the little known and little used precinct system works. In less than 60 days, a coalition of Black Conservatives, who implemented the precinct strategy,

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Breakthrough: Steve Bannon gives Platform to Precinct Strategy, Guest Dan Schultz

After over a decade of trying, Arizona Attorney Dan Schultz finally got a “Big Mic” to give a platform to the all important, but virtually unknown, Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (NPC) Strategy. In early April 2021, the Precinct Strategy was discussed on the Steve Bannon “War Room” show. This appearance, and several subsequent appearances, by Mr. Schultz have resulted in hundreds,

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Conf Call Tonight! Plans to take back America – A State Model of Action For Everyone Happening Now!

Network America’s Precinct Project welcomes Kansas State Leader, Ruben LeBlanc, as our special guest to discuss his exciting plan of action happening right now in his county and state: “Meetin’ in the Middle” is what he’s calling it. Smith County, Kansas, where Ruben lives and is working, is the Geographical Center of the USA!  – See his action plan below. Ruben

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Network America Conf Call Tonight, Tuesday, June 2nd 10pm EST

Report on Network America and State/County Leaders Before getting to tonight’s conference call – here’s a word about next week’s, Tuesday, June 9, 2015 call with the Cold Warrior: Next week, the conference call will feature Dan “The Cold Warrior” from Arizona. The Cold Warrior has perhaps focused more than anyone else in the movement on the NUTS and

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Network America on MBC (Media Broadcasting Center) TV/Radio Tuesday Nite

MBC (Media Broadcasting Center) is the process of pioneering Live Streaming TV/Radio 24 hours a day. This is the future of the internet and, more importantly, the future of overcoming the propaganda and deceptions of the Big Media (especially ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and iHeart Radio, formerly Clear Channel.) One of the outlets doing Live Streaming TV/Radio on

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