Join us Tonight: The Nuts & Bolts of the Precinct Project – Call in with questions

The Nuts and Bolts: How to Run for Precinct Captain in your Neighborhood and win !!!

This week’s Network America conference call will feature Dan “The Cold Warrior” from Arizona. The Cold Warrior has perhaps focused more than anyone else in the movement on the NUTS and BOLTS of how to run for precinct captain in your neighborhood – and win.

His very important perspective will be helpful and thought provoking for all. Here’s the details:

Network America’s Conference Call
Tonight, Tuesday Night, June 9, 2015
10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)

Conf Call Dan Picture Network America FINAL copy

The phone is number and pin are:
Phone: 559-726-1300 ● Pin: 168055

The Cold Warrior will then give a presentation for about 20 to 30 minutes on the nuts and bolts of actually running for precinct captain in your neighborhood. Feel free to check out his personal Precinct Project Blog:

After the presentation, your live questions and/or comments will follow, as always.
If you haven’t already done so, please sign up/sign in at during the conference calls, and you will land on to the home page (“the wall”), so we can chat amongst ourselves during the calls. When we do, the Admins will pick up on our conversation and may mention our points and bring more discussion on air.

You’re invited! Please join us if you can, and invite your contacts and friends.

The entire future of the nation, humanly speaking, depends on hundreds of thousands of Americans intelligently participating in the Precinct Strategy.

Network America Team

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