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General Michael Flynn Talking Precinct!

This is a start: General Flynn actually telling people to get involved in OUR political party as Precinct Committeemen. This is what every America Firster should be talking about, concrete action items that matter rather than vague platitudes like “stand and fight” and “step up,” etc.   Once the player starts, you can scroll to the 53 minute mark. Three

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Breakthrough: Steve Bannon gives Platform to Precinct Strategy, Guest Dan Schultz

After over a decade of trying, Arizona Attorney Dan Schultz finally got a “Big Mic” to give a platform to the all important, but virtually unknown, Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (NPC) Strategy. In early April 2021, the Precinct Strategy was discussed on the Steve Bannon “War Room” show. This appearance, and several subsequent appearances, by Mr. Schultz have resulted in hundreds,

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