Breakthrough: Steve Bannon gives Platform to Precinct Strategy, Guest Dan Schultz

After over a decade of trying, Arizona Attorney Dan Schultz finally got a “Big Mic” to give a platform to the all important, but virtually unknown, Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman (NPC) Strategy.

In early April 2021, the Precinct Strategy was discussed on the Steve Bannon “War Room” show.

This appearance, and several subsequent appearances, by Mr. Schultz have resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of citizens picking up on this vital strategy.

Only 250,000 precinct committeeman are needed to take control of the Republican Party, and another 250,000 to take control of the Democratic Party. Every state and all 3141 counties in the USA are controlled by the Republican and Democratic Parties. Incredibly, one-third of these precinct positions are vacant!

Many of these newly awakened and alert citizens are cooperating on’s Social Communication System (the “Facebook” side of the site). This system is building and some state and county leaders can already be found there.

That appearance, and other short educational videos by Mr. Schultz, can be found on his website:

Dan Schultz has been offering his focused message publicly about why the Precinct Strategy is the only way to peacefully and constitutionally take back the USA for the Constitution and Bill of Rights – since at least 2007 when he made multiple appearances on the original series of Network America’s Precinct Strategy conference calls.

Network America resumed its Sunday night Conference Calls at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST after website traffic picked up. This happened because Dan Schultz referred many of the people contacting him to Network America and other leaders around the nation.

Watch the original interview of Dan Schultz on the Bannon show immediately below:

If you are interested in helping take back the country for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we are hosting weekly Sunday Night Conference Calls. Here’s the link on how to participate:

Why all the excitement? Through the precinct strategy concerned Americans can BECOME the county, state, and national Party Leaders, and BECOME the Congressman, instead of just begging those already in those positions to do their job.

That why Mr. Rick Herron of Cincinnati, Ohio gave a talk in 1988 called, “The Most Powerful Office in the Land”. A transcript of this short talk can be found on Network America’s website HERE on our website. Another article written a bit later called “The Most Powerful Office in the World” can be found at


  1. Judging from one old post and no comments, is this not going well? Or am I missing something. Seems to me like the only realistic hope there is. But wouldn’t the Marxist Dems do marshal law before allowing a fair election?

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