The GOP (and Dem) County Organizational Meeting – When You Get There

The GOP (and Dem) County Organizational Meeting – When You Get There

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Tonight we will have a 20 minute presentation on what the COUNTY ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING looks like – when you get there. In EACH county, in YOUR county, — the Republican Party has a County Organizational Meeting AND the Democratic Party has a separate County Organizational Meeting.

These meetings are held about one month AFTER the primary (or caucus) in that county (for instance, in June of the even years in Hamilton County, Ohio, where Cincinnati is.)

Where are these meetings usually held?

Why doesn’t anybody know about them?

What does the meeting look like when you get there?

If you did not get elected to the position of Precinct Captain, or didn’t run at all – should you still attend your Party’s County Organization Meeting?

What all those who attend these county organizational meetings MUST demand for fairness.

What’s the biggest mistake we made in Hamilton County, Ohio at the 1990 Republican Party COUNTY Organizational meeting of that year?

Do you understand that we are losing the country at these COUNTY Party organizational conventions? Do you understand WHY we are losing the country by not participating in these COUNTY party organizational conventions?

IF you don’t have enough Liberty people to run a candidate to become head of your county party – what should you do at the meeting?

IF you DO have enough Liberty people (elected to Precinct Captain) to run a candidate for head of your county party – what you must do to prepare before the meeting, and what you must do at the meeting.

**** Why the advent of is a watershed in the Liberty movement, but only a few hundred seem to realize it yet. *****

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Here are the details for this week’s conference call:

Tonight, Tuesday Night, August 18, 2015

Network America Precinct Strategy WEEKLY Conference Call Schedule:

Every Tuesday Nite at 10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)

Phone: 559-726-1300 ● Pin: 168055#

If you wish, sign in to during the call, where you can join the CHAT ROOM and talk with others in the chat room who are on the call. The chat room is called “Conference Call” and should be at the bottom right on your screen. (If you are not signed up yet at, please sign up. Thanks.)

As always, the first 20 minutes of the call will be a presentation, and then we will have questions and comments on building the precinct strategy, and/or related people-to-people movements. Then, when that dies down, we’ll end the official call and open the lines for comments on anything such as current news, etc.

There is simply no other strategy OR system on the national scene that can make a difference – except intelligent use of the Precinct Strategy via — in the EXISTING precinct system.

Our problem at this point is not the adversary – it is the Liberty Fighters who are sitting around demoralized and doing nothing – instead of kicking into action with thousands of others in the social network system. Undoubtedly, Tens of Thousands, even millions, who want to “do something”, don’t know about our Weekly Conference Call and ??? Please spread the word.

Let’s constitutionally boot the criminals out of D.C.


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