Watch the Vote is Back!

Watch The Vote is Back!

In the 2012 Iowa Presidential Caucus held on January 3, 2012, — Watch the Vote 2012, along with Iowa resident and Caucus attendee, Edward True, forced the Iowa state GOP to CHANGE the winner from Mitt Romney to Rick Santorum two weeks later!

This is the first time, as far as we know, that a major Presidential primary or caucus has changed the winner after the original winner was announced.

(Hint: We knew where to look for the votefraud, and how the Iowa GOP would try to fix the Caucus. It has been proven for 20 years that the Iowa GOP defrauded Pat Buchanan in Dubuque County in the 1996 Iowa Caucus, a reality which the Des Moines Register acknowledged was an issue in the late January 2012 article reporting that the Iowa GOP had switched the winner from Romney to Santorum. Google “A House without Doors” from Chronicles magazine, November 1996.)

Clearly, in the 2016 Iowa Presidential Caucus, scheduled for Monday, Feb 1, 2016, — the Iowa GOP will be trying to cheat Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and Mike Huckabee. They will be trying to make Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich “win” or “do well.” John Kasich may actually do well, but we will be focusing on getting a FAIR COUNT for everyone.

Also, it is equally clear that the Iowa Democratic Party will be trying to carry Hillary over the finish line, and defraud Senator Bernie Sanders, former Senator Jim Webb, etc.

Watch the Vote is back – this time Watch the Vote 2016! We will again dedicate ourselves to ensure a fair count for all the candidates in the Iowa Caucus.

This will be the opening 20 minute presentation on the Network America Tuesday Nite conference call at 10 PM for this week on July 28, 2015. Afterwards you can be part of the call, as always. (See below for time and call in number and pin.

You won’t be sorry if you call in to hear the presentation:

* How Watch the Vote in 2012 made a last ditch effort to try and get a fair count “for Ron Paul and everybody else.” (It was obvious that the establishment, including the Republican Conservative establishment, was panicked by Ron Paul who was getting crowds of 300 to 3000, when the other candidates could hold their rallies “in the foyer of a Pizza Hut” according to one Iowa reporter.

* How our main opposition to getting a witness at each of the 1800 local caucuses – came from renegade traitors on Ron Paul’s own paid staff, and we’ll name the names of the guilty

* How two from our impromptu “Watch the Vote” leadership team noticed that Iowa handy man, Edward True, was asking for help on CNN’s website.

* How we hooked up with Edward True, and helped him draw up an affidavit as to the vote inaccuracies he witnessed at his own caucus vs. the Iowa GOP state website.

* How the Iowa GOP originally tried to destroy Edward True’s credibility, but were soundly defeated in this treacherous attempt.

* How Erin Burnett on CNN picked up the story and covered it or a few nights. (We have these videos in which she interviewed Edward True.)

* And how the Iowa GOP backed down and changed the winner two weeks after the Caucus, circa January 17, 2015.

* And more, including how Watch the Vote 2016 will report to the public what really happens in the 2016 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, whether the Iowa GOP or the Iowa Democratic likes it or not.

Be a part of the call. — Watch the Vote 2016, like Guardians for Liberty and a growing number of websites, will have a goal of pushing activists into Network America to organize and implement the Precinct Strategy, according to each one’s desired area of activity.

Here are the details for this week’s conference call:

Tonight, Tuesday Night, January 28, 2015

Network America Precinct Strategy Conference Call Schedule: Every Tuesday Nite at 10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)

Phone: 559-726-1300 ● Pin: 168055#

If you wish, sign in to during the call, where you can join the chat room and talk with others in the chat room who are on the call.

As always, the first 20 minutes will be a presentation, and then we will have questions and comments on building the precinct strategy, and related people-building movements. Then, when that dies down, we’ll end the official call and open the lines for comments on anything such as current news, etc.

There is simply no other strategy on the national scene that can make a difference – except intelligent use of the Precinct Strategy in the EXISTING precinct system. Our problem at this point is not the adversary – it is the Liberty Fighters who are sitting around demoralized and doing nothing – instead of kicking into action with thousands of others in the Network America social network system.

Let’s constitutionally boot out the criminals in DC.




  1. Hello election/voting integrity activist.

    Our country is 239 years old and to date no voter in all 50
    states enjoy their “30 FULL Voting Rights”….will we voters
    need to wait another 239 years.

    will try to call in on your conference call tonight.

    Frank Henry, FULL Voting Rights Advocate…
    Tel: 928-649-0249

  2. February 8, 2016–This seems like an excellent and innovative idea. I am going to share this web site with people. I am glad to hear that you will soon be updating this site for 2016.

  3. Our “30 Full Voting Rights”

    The casting and counting of our votes is uncertain because we do
    not have our 30 Full Voting Rights.

    Lets look at our “30 FULL Voting Rights”….

    As you know our country is 240 years old and no voter
    in any of our 50 states has their “30 FULL Voting Rights”
    regardless of the voter’s personal and/or political


    (1) Men were given some undefined voting rights since
    the founding of our country… but, full voting rights
    were not defined.

    (2) In 1920 it was decided to let women vote… but,
    full voting rights were not granted/defined.

    (3) In 1965 the Voting Rights Act (VRA) was enacted to
    purportedly provide voting rights to many minority
    folks… but, only about 7 of the 30 full voting rights
    are barely mentioned in the VRA.

    (4) Today the average voter knows of 4 of the 30 full
    voting rights:
    1) register to vote…
    2) get ballot on election day…
    3) mark ballot in secret (in a booth)…
    4) place ballot in ballot box or voting machine..

    What are the “30 FULL Voting Rights”….

    Here is a list of the many components/rights of
    each individual’s “Full Voting Rights”, the some
    30 rights are:


    1) Districts of equal number of electors.
    An elector is a US citizen age 18 and up who’s
    voting rights has not been suspended.

    2) Registration by US citizens only, age 18 and up
    ( note; the citizen has the right to register
    or not to register … no one shall be allowed
    to ‘automatically’ register any voter).

    3) Registration list 100% open to public view on-line.

    4) There shall be equal requirements for placing
    candidates name on the ballot by the individual
    candidate only. Political parties and other
    groups shall not be allowed to place names of
    candidates on the ballot. The government (fed,
    state, local) shall conduct only one election,
    that is the government will not conduct primaries,
    run-off elections, top two elections etc other
    than the general election itself. Government may
    hold special election to fill vacancies as may be
    required. The winner of each race is the person who
    receives the most votes cast. A tie shall be resolved
    by a Verify hand count and if this count results
    into a tie, the tie can be resolved by “flip of coin”
    or other non-skilled chance process. All candidates
    shall be given one line under his/her name to place
    their party affiliation or short message/slogan.
    Number of spaces/characters for this one line shall
    be per election laws/procedures. All elections for
    offices (fed, state, local) shall be based on one
    person per district…there shall be no two or more
    persons at-large type districts.

    5) Equal requirements for placing questions on ballot.

    6) All write-in-votes to be honored, counted (and not
    bound to a gov pre-ordained list). (If write-in receives
    most/sufficient votes, he/she can , if a qualified
    elector, wins.)

    7) Campaigns:…Gov (fed, state, local) shall stay out
    of campaigns.

    8) Absentee and, Early voting…Yes. But, NO early

    9) NO all mail voting.

    10) NO on-line voting.

    11) Bring ALL unopened absentee/early ballots to
    precinct polling place on election day.

    12) Precincts shall consist of 3000 or less
    registered voters.

    13) Precinct polling place should be kept at a
    constant location.

    14) Precinct polling place shall be near the
    voter…not 50 miles away from the where voters live.

    15) Precinct workers shall be local volunteers and/or
    drafted (similar to jury duty).

    16) Test/Seal voting machines (if used) shall be open
    to public observation.

    …….(Election Day):

    17) Allow qualified electors/voters to check-in.

    18) Allow qualified electors/voters to receive a
    paper ballot.

    19) Allow voter to mark their ballot in secret in
    a ‘closed’ booth.

    20) Allow voter to place their ballot into ballot
    box or ballot machine.

    …….(End of Election Day):

    21) CLOSING COUNT by hand or machine and perform
    closing reports..

    22) Get, signed by election workers, print-out-reports
    from machines (if used).

    23) Close/seal machine (if used).

    24) Perform a VERIFY COUNT hand count of every
    vote on every ballot before the CLOSING COUNT
    team goes home by a Verify team or the Closing
    team, looking for voter’s intent, generate
    verification tally sheets and reports containing
    results and error rate info..

    25) Release official count results to the public.


    26) Any registered voter may request for recount.

    27) Automatic recount of close positions if the margin
    is at (0.5% plus error rate) or less.

    28) Recount cost shall be covered by election budget.

    29) Refundable fee based on margin plus error rate may
    be levied on the requester prior to the recount.
    (Refund if outcome changes.) (Count all positions for
    office race being recounted.)

    30) Hand count only (looking for voter intent).
    (Followed by verify hand count)


    31) If any elector/voter spots an error at any
    milestone event they have five work days to bring
    challenge of the error to official of the milestone
    or to court for corrective review and/or action.
    The elector/voter shall not be charged any fees/cost.


    32) Any elector/voter/candidate/official is allow to
    contest an election by bringing their case to a court;
    and their cost shall be refunded/covered if and to
    degree of win.


    1. This list is not cast in stone, you can add/change/
    correct this list.

    2. Right # 19: (says mark ballot in secret ) is the
    ONLY ‘step’ closed to public view. All other rights/steps
    shall be open to public observation by electors, voters,
    press, the public…etc.

    3. In right # 27 the phrase “error rate” means the error
    rate, expressed in percentage that is indicated in the
    Verification Report (right #24) or the historical high
    which ever is the greater.

    4. In right # 29 phrase “error rate”…same as note 3.

    5. In right # 29 the word “margin” means the gap between
    the two positions being requested of a recount expressed
    in percentage.

    6. When the “30 Full Voting Rights” are in place
    two good things will occur. …. (1) All political
    parties, campaigns, individuals, etc can promote their
    choices on the ballot without interference from government
    (fed, state, local). … And, (2) all voters will have
    an election system that honors their “30 Full Voting
    Rights” without interference from government, political
    parties, campaigns, candidates, individuals, etc.

    Thanks and Good Luck

    Frank Henry
    Full Voting Rights Advocate
    Cottonwood, Arizona
    Tel: 928-649-0249

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