Running for Precinct 101

Running for Precinct 101

Tonight we will have a 20 minute presentation on Running for Precinct from Scratch.

First we will cover how anyone can run for precinct captain in a primary state.

Then we will cover how anyone can run for precinct captain in a caucus state.

Then we will cover what happens when you go to a party convention.

Then we will cover what we hope would happen in every county in the next two years, and why is critical to making this happen; – and why the millions of American Liberty activists who are either sitting around doing nothing, or are acting now in some way, but not joining forces in – are squandering our nation’s future, for what reason we can’t fathom.

Here are the details for this week’s conference call:

Tonight, Tuesday Night, August 4, 2015

Network America Precinct Strategy Conference Call Schedule: Every Tuesday Nite at 10 PM EST (that’s 7 PM PST)

Phone: 559-726-1300 ● Pin: 168055#

If you wish, sign in to during the call, where you can join the chat room and talk with others in the chat room who are on the call.

As always, the first 20 minutes will be a presentation, and then we will have questions and comments on building the precinct strategy, and related people-building movements. Then, when that dies down, we’ll end the official call and open the lines for comments on anything such as current news, etc.

There is simply no other strategy on the national scene that can make a difference – except intelligent use of the Precinct Strategy in the EXISTING precinct system. Our problem at this point is not the adversary – it is the Liberty Fighters who are sitting around demoralized and doing nothing – instead of kicking into action with thousands of others in the Network America social network system.

Let’s constitutionally boot out the criminals in DC.




  1. I listened to Running for Precinct 101. I was encouraged by the dialogue and how the individuals got into the struggles of turning around what is happening in our country. I want to be a part of this. It seems we are becoming a NEW FOUNDING FATHERS in this new struggle. I am encouraged by you that this organization is engaged in getting our country back. I would like if someone could please e-mail me. I would like to talk to someone, if possible, Thank you. We need to get our country back.


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