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David Callihan on approaching Public Officials to become part of the Gov NOW, while we build the Precinct Strategy

Thomas Jefferson When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty

The Declaration of Independence is more than just an historical document. It includes remedies when tyrants start to encroach on the people. David Callihan will our Network America Conference Call guest for the 20 minute presentation. From the rights enumerated for us in the Declaration of Independence, our basic rights are to resist a bad government, restore a good government,

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Network America on MBC (Media Broadcasting Center) TV/Radio Tuesday Nite

MBC Radio Show FB Featured Image

MBC (Media Broadcasting Center) is the process of pioneering Live Streaming TV/Radio 24 hours a day. This is the future of the internet and, more importantly, the future of overcoming the propaganda and deceptions of the Big Media (especially ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP wire, and iHeart Radio, formerly Clear Channel.) One of the outlets doing Live Streaming TV/Radio on

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Jade Helm? Should We Act Together? Or is it too late? Your Comments Needed


  ***** is the “organize and socialize” network, has the Seven Liberty Principles Guiding Network America ***** Jade Helm? Should We Act Together? Or is it too late? Your Comments Needed * * * * * * * You are invited to the weekly Network America conference call Tuesday Night at 10 PM EST (April 28, 2015). (559) 726-1300;

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